Aleris-Hamlet is launching an innovative online service where you are able to easily get in touch with a specialist through your smartphone, tablet or computer.

The Video Doctor makes it possible to bring your doctor on the journey. It saves time and transport, and provides you with help from a Danish specialist when you are abroad. The doctor is never more than a click away.

Behind the screen sits only experienced specialists who can draw on the medical expertise of our hospital's 40 specialties. The Electronic Video Doctor can be used with an app for smartphone and tablet or via the website It is open to all, regardless of where they're located.

Video Doctor is intended for patients who need advice about diseases occurred at home or abroad. The system gives access to video consultation with a specialist in general medicine, no matter where you are.

With Video Doctor, your general practitioner is just a click away

Aleris-Hamlet consider it natural to use telemedicine to ensure patient access to treatment. By bringing the doctor to the patient when the need arises, we can provide faster and easier help. You will also get somewhere to extract a second opinion, if you would need one. 

Video Doctor is open when the general practitioner is closed.

Weekdays: 16 - 22

Weekends: 9 - 17

Get started

  • Download App in App Store, or create a user account at
  • Call a doctor on your Video Doctor and get quick answers
  • If the doctor determines that there is a need for physical consultation, this is offered at our hospital in Søborg, Copenhagen

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