Pain after Nuss procedure

Pain is common after a Nuss procedure (pectus excavatum surgery). Therefore, you will remain at the hospital for two to three days for effective pain management.

During hospitalization

The first few days you will receive analgesics through a catheter in your back. The medicin is given automatically using a small pump. You must also take analgesic tablets at regular intervals four times a day. This will be OTC medication supplemented with something stronger. You will be talking to the staff about pain relief several times a day, so we can adapt it to your needs. You cannot expect to be without pain whilst you are hospitalized, but we will collaborate on making your pain level acceptable.

After discharge

We recommend that you take analgesics for as long as you feel the need. You will be given strong analgesics to take home for the first day or two, but if you need them for a longer period you must discuss the matter with your own doctor.

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