Oil and Gas health examinations

Aleris-Hamlet Hospital has in cooperation with Oil Gas Denmark designed extended health examinations to suit your needs.

Oil Gas Denmark Extended Packages contain: 

Comparison of medical examinations



Questionnaire  x x
Health dialogue with the specialist x x
Preventive dialogue with the nurse  x x
Clinical specialist medical examination 

Blood pressure
x x
Heart rate
x x
BMI (weight and height) x x
Fat percentage x x
Waistline x x
Oral cavity and throat x x
Neck and carotid artery x x
Lymph glands x x
Thyroid gland x x
Skin x
Stethoscopy of heart, lungs and neck vessels x x
Stomach region x x
Back and posture x x
Arms and legs x x
Peripheral blood pressure x x
Neurological investigation x x
Reflexes and coordination x x
Intestine examination x x
Prostate incl. PSA (men) x x
Eye examination (incl. sight test)    x
Ear examination (incl. hearing test)   x
Breast examination (women) x x

Laboratory tests    
Bone marrow function / blood formation x x
Haemoglobin percentage x x
Iron turnover x x
Disease activity x x
Liver function x x
Kidney function x x
Salt balance x x
Metabolism x x
Vitamin D in the blood x x
Total Cholesterol and triglycerides (fats) x x
HDL ("high" Cholesterol) and LDL ("low" Cholesterol)  x x
Blood sugar x x
Urine analysis x x
Blood in stools x x
PSA (men) x x
Other examinations      
Lung function examination  x x
ECG made at rest  x x
Stress ECG (optional)   x
Specialists report incl.    
Overall health assessment  x x
Risk analysis for heart-/vascular diseases (>40 years) x x
Recommendations for reforming lifestyle  x x
Estimated duration  1  3/4 hours 2  1/4 hours


Information regarding content and prices can be obtained by calling Aleris-Hamlet Hospitals.

Sales Manager Mette Brogaard  tel +45 2494 6610 
Sales Coordinator Pia Knudsen    tel +45 4174 1718


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