Activity after Nuss procedure

In order to ensure the best possible result after a Nuss procedure there are certain restrictions to your activity.

The first 6 weeks after Nuss procedure

After a Nuss procedure there are certain movements you should avoid the first six weeks in order to ensure the positioning of the bars(s) stabilizes. You should thus:

  • Not lie on your side
  • Not bend forward or twist your upper body
  • Not lift more than 2 kg in front of your body
  • Not lift more than 5 kg in a rucksack, which you should be helped put on and take off
  • Not ride a bicycle

After 6 weeks 

After the six weeks you can start jogging, swimming and cycling, and can do general lifting. After 12 weeks you can take part in all activities apart from violent contact sports such as American football, rugby, ice hockey and martial arts.

Work / sick leave

At the preliminary examination you will discuss with the specialist what you should expect. It depends on what you do every day.

Sexual activity after Nuss procedure

For the first six weeks avoid positions that may put a strain on your rib cage and stomach muscles.

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