Nuss procedure - Step by step

The Nuss procedure is minimal invasive technique that takes only 30 - 60 minutes. We take you through the Nuss procedure step by step.

Catheter for pain relief

Before the operation an epidural catheter for pain relief will be inserted in your back. The catheter will automatically administer analgesics using a small pump. It will be removed two days after the operation. Read more about pain management after pectus surgery


You will be anaesthetised through insertion in the back of your hand of a cannula (plastic), through which the anaesthetic will be injected. When you are anaesthetised a catheter will be inserted in your bladder.

The Nuss procedure

The operation takes 30 - 60 minutes. During the operation two to three (maybe more) 5 cm incisions is made. A camera is inserted through one of the wholes allowing the surgeon to monitor the procedure and avoid injury to the heart during insertion. Through the latter the specialist will insert 1  -2 or perhaps 3 steel bars under the sternum so that it is pressed out into a normal position.


In rare cases a drain will be put in place. This is a thin plastic tube that sucks up excess blood and tissue fluid.


Antibiotics will be administered in connection with the operation to prevent inflammation in the wounds.

Finishing the Nuss procedure

Local anaesthetic will be applied to the wounds when the operation has been completed. The wounds will be closed using absorbable sutures, and plasters will be applied to them.

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