Pectus excavatum surgery cost

Below you can see the cost of pectus excavatum surgery in Denmark. The NUSS procedure is performed by the one of the worlds leading thoracic surgeons Hans Kristian Pilegaard. Prices are in DKK.

Included in the operation price are 2-3 days of hospitalization, anasthesia, medicin and meals during your stay. 

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Pris i DKK
1. Consultation - - 2.500
Follow-up - - 650

Pectus excavatum surgery

Pris i DKK
Pectus excavatum surgery - NUSS procedure Fuld 2 days 150.000
Removal of bars Fuld None 32.000

Price information

The prices are valid from 7th March 2017. All prices are guidening. The price can vary depending on the choice of material and complexity. The final price will be agreed with the doctor at the first consultation.

Information to private paying customers

When booking this operation, payment is required 14 days before scheduled surgery. The total price can be payed to Aleris-Hamlet by either cash or through bank transfer. The payment date is stated at the advance invoice and must be observed. The receipt for payments must be shown for validity.

If failed to pay, Aleris-Hamlet is forced to cancel your scheduled surgery, and charge you with a fee of DKK 5.000.

The deposit is refundable if you cancel the operation earlier than 10 days before the scheduled surgery. For cancellations less than 10 days before scheduled surgery, the deposit of DKK 5.000 can only be refunded with a medical certificate from your doctor confirming illness.

No show fee: Consultation, examination and operations with local anasthesia

If you are unable to attend your consultation, examination or surgery under local anesthesia, please contact us within 2 working days before, so we can offer the appointment to someone else. Aleris-Hamlet will charge a no-show fee of 400 DKK, if you do not show up at the agreed consultation, examination or surgery under local anesthesia, or if you cancel less than two days before the scheduled appearance.

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