Fatigue after Nuss procedure

You can expect to be more tired than normal during the period after a Nuss procedure. However, it is important that you quickly get back on your feet.

You should not lie in bed, but should promptly resume your everyday life. This is all part of your exercise regime. You should get up and walk around, and sit in a chair when you are eating, watching TV etc. However, it is recommended that you rest during the course of the day.

The right diet after a Nuss procedure

To ensure that you do not lose strength in connection with a Nuss procedure, it is important that your diet gives you extra protein and energy.

If you have lost weight in connection with surgery, you will have lost muscle tissue. It will be some time before you regain energy and return to normal. You will need protein because proteins are the “bricks” you need to rebuild your body. Proteins help to rebuild muscles, promote healing, stimulate blood production and strengthen your immune defence system.

Therefore, be sure to get extra proteins through your food intake for as long as you are tired. Different people require different amounts of protein. As a rule of thumb, we recommend 1 g of protein per kilogramme of body weight per day. For further information see leaflet ’Importance of diet in connection with operation’.

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